Bigpro Consultation Joint Stock Company

Established in 2014 in Hanoi, Bigpro Consultation Joint Stock Company (BIGPRO) is proud to be one of the professional companies in the field of Intellectual Property. We always ensure to provide complete and professional legal consulting services to customers in Vietnam and internationally.

Our services include::
+ Registering patents in Vietnam and internationally;
+ Trademark registration in Vietnam and internationally;
+ Register Industrial Designs in Vietnam and Internationally;
+ Maintain and renew industrial property objects.

To make it convenient for customers to grasp basic information about industrial property objects, BIGPRO has built specialized pages with detailed and specific instructions on how to file applications; prepare application documents; How to use search databases to help customers look up information about Patent applications/patents, Industrial Designs, Trademarks, etc. that have been protected in Vietnam and other countries around the world. gender. Thereby helping customers make considerations before making decisions to research, produce, trade or apply for protection of the above industrial property objects.

BIGPRO, always strives to find the latest solutions to meet the industrial property protection needs of domestic and foreign customers. We always want to serve organizations and individuals in registering and enforcing industrial property rights with the best quality and fastest time possible, accompanied by the most beneficial advice for them. client.

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Bigpro Consultation Joint Stock Company!