Trademark information search databases

Trademark information search databases

Searching trademark information is an important thing before deciding to file a trademark registration application to avoid the situation where the application is duplicated with already protected trademarks.

1. What does Trademark Information include?
+ Trademark sample information: is information about images, words, colors or combinations of those elements in the label sample;
+ Legal information: scope of product/service groups protected for specific label models;
+ Trademark information also includes: information about the applicant; application owner/certificate owner; application number/certificate number; application date /certificate issuance date/; List of groups of goods/services…

2. Why is it necessary to search Trademarks?
Through trademark search, individuals/organizations – collectively referred to as applicants – will have useful information related to the trademark they are interested in, specifically as follows:
+ For trademarks (which are planning to apply for registration), through search, it is possible to determine whether the trademark is likely to be identical/similar to previously registered trademarks, thereby determining whether the trademark is identical/similar to previously registered trademarks. determine the protectability of the trademark;
+ Helps save time and costs in cases where, after searching, it is found that filing an application for registration is not feasible (due to the trademark overlapping with previously registered trademarks), this helps the applicant avoid waste of time and effort;
+ Through searching trademark information, it will help avoid infringement of industrial property rights of other subjects’ protected trademarks;
+ In addition, trademark search helps the applicant check and review the information in the application/certificate compared to the information on the database of the state agency on industrial property. match or not.

3. Introducing some free trademark search databases
Within the scope of this article, BIGPRO would like to introduce to customers a number of free patent information lookup databases:

a. Seaching trademark information on Wipopulish database
This is the digital library on industrial property on the WIPO Publish platform: The digital library on industrial property on the WIPO Publish platform has been put into trial operation by the National Office of Intellectual Property since November 20, 2019. This is a database built by the National Office of Intellectual Property in cooperation with WIPO. This database provides users with information and bibliographic data of patent subjects/utility solutions, industrial designs. business, Trademark. The WIPO Publish database is updated monthly by the National Office of Intellectual Property according to the Industrial Property Official Gazette.
Link to access the wipopublish database:

b. Searching trademark information on the WIPO database
At the same time, to search trademarks according to the Madrid system to look up international trademark applications designating Vietnam, users need to use the search tool of the World Intellectual Property Organization:

Through the article shared above, BIGPRO hopes to have provided you with some useful information. To save costs, customers/applicants can conduct their own search/search for trademark information on these databases.
However, in reality the search is quite complicated and requires a combination of many skills, so for the search to be effective, customers can refer to BIGPRO’s search service before deciding to apply. .

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