Trademark registration service in Vietnam

Trademark registration service in Vietnam

Once an enterprise is granted a trademark registration certificate or in other words a protection title, it means that its trademark is exclusively protected in all registered fields and related fields.

All other businesses and individuals are not allowed to use or register for protection of trademarks similar to trademarks already protected in the same field or equivalent. This is the most important purpose of trademark registration for products/services.

To register a trademark in Vietnam – Customers can choose one of two options as follows:

Self-application: in this case, you first need to determine whether your organization/individual is eligible to apply directly or need to go through the Industrial Property Representative Organization (see article 89 – How filing an application for establishment of industrial property rights – Intellectual Property Law), if you meet the conditions to file a direct application, you only need to prepare an application file and proceed to submit the application for protection with a patent. How to come in person or by post to: National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam, 384-386, Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan Trung Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi City, Vietnam. Information related to the content to be prepared of a trademark application file is detailed, specifically on our “application instructions” page.

Using Bigpro’s consulting service: in case you belong to a group of individuals and organizations that are required to submit an application for registration of industrial property rights through a legal representative in Vietnam or simply you If you want in-depth advice before applying and need follow-up in the application process, come and experience our service.

BIGPRO is an industrial property representative organization specializing in providing trademark registration services in Vietnam and internationally, meeting the needs of filing trademark applications of domestic organizations and individuals as well as domestic and foreign organizations foreign organizations and individuals.

BIGPRO provides services related to Trademark registration in Vietnam including:
+ Support the application owner to do preliminary trademark search and reference search for comprehensive results in determining the plan to file a trademark registration application at the National Office of Intellectual Property;
+ Consulting on conditions and procedures for trademark registration in Vietnam, and at the same time checking and assessing the legal status of documents provided by customers; Drafting trademark registration documents for clients;
+ Representing customers to apply for a certificate of trademark registration at the National Office of Intellectual Property;
+ Advice on signs of similarity, duplication and confusion to non-protected trademarks, elements protected in the form of trademarks and elements that are not patentable; Consulting on group classification (in the field of trademark protection) according to the Nice classification table of goods and services, to avoid being rejected in terms of form and content during the examination of trademark applications at the National Office of Intellectual Property; Advising on options for choosing a brand name, advising on additional components when necessary to ensure distinctiveness when registering a trademark;
+ Representing the client to monitor the records and notify the results of the submitted documents to the client; At the same time, on behalf of the client to reply / respond to the notices of the National Office of Intellectual Property during the evaluation of the trademark registration dossier;
+ Consulting and performing the service of recording amendment/renewal/cancellation of trademark protection titles in Vietnam in accordance with the law;
+ Representing customers to receive certificates of trademark protection at the National Office of Intellectual Property.

To register for trademark protection in Vietnam through BIGPRO, you only need to prepare the following documents:
+ Sample trademark;
+ List of products and services that need to be searched and registered for trademarks;
+ Sign the Power of Attorney according to the form of BIGPRO;
+ Documents applying for priority right (if any);
+ Pay fees as prescribed.

In case you want to prepare the application file and file the Trademark application yourself, you can refer to the relevant information in the “Application Instructions” and “Search” pages of the ours.


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