Design industrial registration service to other countries

Design industrial registration service to other countries

The scope of protection of Industrial Designs is based on the territorial principle, meaning that registration in any country will only be protected in that country.

Therefore, when an industrial design is granted a registration certificate in Vietnam, it will only be protected in Vietnamese territory.

Accordingly, international industrial design registration is the registration of industrial designs in countries outside the territory of Vietnam. If the owner wants his or her design to be protected in any country, he or she must register it in that country or designate it. that country to ensure its rights.

You can choose one of the following forms of industrial design registration to other coutries, specifically:

Registration by country: Businesses and individuals can register industrial designs by submitting applications directly to the intellectual property offices of each individual country that the business wants to protect. its style.

Registration by regional channel: Enterprises that want to register industrial designs in many countries that are members of regional agreements may only have to submit a single registration application at the local agency. intellectual property of that area.

Register according to international channels: Register according to the Hague Agreement with Vietnam as a member country. Businesses wishing to internationally register their designs in several countries can use the procedures set out in the Hague Agreement on the International Registration of Industrial Designs established by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). ) manage.

However, the procedures in each country and each form are different, requiring the applicant organization/individual to research and prepare carefully, in addition to the language barrier leading to delays. Grasping all the regulations is not easy. Therefore, you should seek the support of representative organizations when you need to register an Industrial Design abroad. Asking for the help of an industrial property representative organization will help you save time and effort compared to doing it yourself, which may not achieve optimal results.

As a leading intellectual property consulting organization, BIGPRO with a team of lawyers and experts with many years of experience in the field of intellectual property will help with the registration of industrial design protection abroad. It becomes easier for you.

The services BIGPRO provides related to registration of industrial design protection abroad are as follows:

+ Look up and evaluate the protection ability of industrial designs;
+ Consulting on conditions and procedures for registering industrial designs in specific countries, and checking and evaluating the legal status of documents provided by customers;
+ Prepare application documents for protection titles and other documents (if any), Represent customers in applying for industrial design protection registration certificates, record modifications, extend industrial design protection titles in specific countries and regions;
+ Representing customers to monitor the application processing process and notify customers of the results of submitted documents;
+ Monitor and respond on behalf of customers to official dispatches and objections during the application processing process;
+ Representing customers to answer/respond to notices from competent authorities of the host country during the appraisal process of industrial design registration dossiers;
+ Representing the customer to receive the industrial design patent protection certificate from the competent authority of the host country.

When registering for industrial design protection abroad, through BIGPRO, you only need to prepare the following documents:

+ Set of photos or design photos;
+ Sign the Power of Attorney according to BIGPRO’s form;
+ Other documents (if any);
+ Pay fees according to regulations;

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